How to Open Sukanya Samriddhi Account Online and Offline


How to Open Sukanya Samriddhi Account Online and Offline

How to Open Sukanya Samriddhi Account Yojana Online and Offline. A lot has been done by the Modi Government for the betterment of the girls. The sorry state of the girl child in the country has urged the present government to implement several schemes, which will secure the future of every girl of Indian origin. Two of the most neglected aspects of the life of a girl are health and education. With the help of the Sukanya Samridhi Account Yojana, the government has tried to secure economic securing for the children so that their future can be safeguarded.

Where to open an account under the Sukanya samridhi Account Yojana?

The Modi government has announced that the parents of the girl child will get the opportunity to open an account, under the Sukanya samridhi Account Yojana at the nearest post office or any other government or government undertaken bank. Many of the reputed private banks have also been included in the scheme. This has been done to make it easy for the parents to open an account for safeguarding the future of the daughters, at the nearest financial institute.

open Sukanya Samriddhi Account

How to Open Sukanya Samriddhi Account Online portals

The government has enrolled many banks under the scheme. Any interested candidate will be able to register in any of the banks. Though the process of getting registered under the program might be slightly different from one bank to another, as per their rules, the bottom line is the same. As the rate of digitization has increased, the willing candidates will be able to open an account from the comfort of their homes. For this, they need to have some knowledge about basis internet.

  1. Depending on the bank the candidate chooses, he/she will have to enter the official webpage of the financial institute. One reaching the home page, they will have to click on the appropriate tab that will give them the details related to this scheme.
  2. After the appropriate link has been clicked, the registration form will come up on the screen. Here, the person will have to enter all the details of the girl child. The details of the parents or the legal guardian must be filled in accordingly.
  3. To verify the details, the candidate will have to provide the Aadhar details as well. The PAN code must also be given during the registration. Once this has been done, the registration form must be submitted by clicking the mouse pointer on the “Submit” button.
  4. Once the form has been submitted, the person will have to make the first deposit of the chosen amount in the account. This can be tackled easily via net banking. If one does not have the net banking facilities activated, they will have to go to the nearest branch of the bank and deposit the amount via cheque, draft or cash.
  5. As the account gets activated, they will get the notification about the transfer on their mobile via an SMS. For getting this notification, the candidate will have to furbish the current and active contact details.

Open Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA) Offline

There are many who are not well accustomed with the usage of the internet. For those, the banks will provide the age old offline services. The following are the steps that must be followed to open an account via traditional method:

  1. First of all, the willing candidate will have to reach the branch of any bank, according to their preference. When they reach the branch, they will have to collect the SSY registration form. The form must be filled in a proper manner.
  2. The person will have to provide details about the birth date, the address and the relation of the girl with the one filling the form. The parent or the legal guardian will only be allowed to open the account on behalf of the female child.
  3. As this is an offline procedure, the candidate will have to attach some documents with the application form. These documents will include the Aadhar code, the certification of age of the female child, the address proof and relationship certificate. These documents will be verified by the agents in the bank. The PAN card must also be produced by the depositors.
  4. If everything is in order, the bank will open an account for the girl child under the Yojana. Once the account has been opened, the person will be given a passbook. Now, they will have to make the first transaction for activating the account.
  5. The monetary transaction can be accomplished either by cheque, draft or liquid currency. Notification of the transfer will be provided to the holder of the account via SMS. The transaction needs to be done once a year.

Opening an Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA) with the post office

Apart from the banks, the SSY account can also be opened at any post office. The following steps will assist one in opening an account for safeguarding the future of the girl child:

  1. To open an account under the scheme with the government operated post office, the willing candidate will reach the adjacent post office. When there, they will have to collect the registration or application form.
  2. After filling all the mandatory columns, the person will have to attach the application form with all the documents. These documents will assist the government departments in tracking the legitimacy of the claims. Apart from the Aadhar code, the person will also have to produce the Pan details.
  3. Just like the banks, the post office will also generate a passbook. This passbook will contain all the details of the transactions made towards the account. The depositor will have to make the first deposit of 1000 rupees.
  4. It is not mandatory for the depositor to bring the female child on whose name the account will be opened. They just need to produce all the relevant documents and the rest will be done by the agents present in the post office.

Features of the scheme

The following are the salient features of the scheme:

  1. Only the guardians or the parents of the girl will have the authority to open the bank account under the scheme. The government has permitted the opening of at the most two accounts, one for each girl child. If the parents have been blessed by twin girls, hey can get access to not more than three accounts.
  2. The minimum amount that has to be deposited in the account is Rs. 1000 and this can be extended to a maximum of Rs. 1,50,000. Both the amounts will have to be paid on a yearly basis. The depositors will get an interest of 9.2% p.a. But the rate of interest will vary from one year to another.
  3. All the monetary deposits, made in the account, under the scheme will be tax free. This will encourage more and more people to take part in the program. On one hand they will be able to save on tax returns and on the other hand, they will be saving money that can be later utilized for the benefit of the daughters.
  4. If the person depositing the money passes away then the delaings of the account will be closed. The account will only mature after a span of 21 years. At that time, all the outstanding balance, along with the interest amount, will be handed over to the girl. But the girl will be entitled to draw 50% of the accumulated sum once they attain the legal age of 18 years.

Apart from all these features, the scheme will assist the parents in ensuring a proper upbringing and sound economic foundation for the girls. The initiative has been welcomed by many as the benefits are many.

Disadvantages of the Sukanya Samriddhi Account Yojana (SSAY)

Though the scheme has been welcomed by people from all sections of the society, there are some disadvantages as well that makes it difficult for some people. To start with, the parents who have more than two daughters won’t be allowed to open any more than two accounts. As the lock-in span for the scheme to mature is long, some people might not find it a good scheme. Secondly, the account holders will not be allowed to take any loans on the SS account. Last but not the least; the interest rate is subjected to the situation of the financial market. So, experts think that if the value of rupee falls, then the interest rate might come down.

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