Document required for Sukanya samridhi Account in banks and post office


Document required for Sukanya samridhi Account. The Sukanya samridhi Program was launched by the BJP government on the 22nd of January, 2015. The account can be opened by the parents of the girl children. The account will be open and money will be deposited on a yearly basis for safeguarding the future of the female children.

Before opening the account, the parents or the legal guarding will have to know about the various documents required for the process. Without these, the opening of the account will not be successful.

What Document required for Sukanya samridhi Account in banks and post office

After proving the brief about the Sukhanya Samriddhi Account Yojana, it is now time to discuss about the legal documents which will be required for opening the account. The list of documents, which must be produced are the same in case of the authorized banks and the post office. The following list of legal papers must be presented while opening an account under the Sukanya Samridhi Yojana:

Document required SSA

  1. Birth certificate of the child: According o the guidelines of the scheme, the account will only be opened on behalf of a girl, by her parents or the legal guardian who has not yet attained the age of 10 years. All girls who are above the mark of 10 years will not be allowed to take part in the scheme. To make sure that only those who conform to the age norm open an account, the parents or the guardians will have to attach the birth certificate of the female child. The birth certificate is the document that will contain the date and the year when the child was actually born. This will assist the authority in making sure that the girl is really below the specified age.
  2. ID proof of  Parent or Legal Guardian: The next set of documents that the legal guardian or the parents of the female child need to produce in front of the bank or post office authorities is the ID proofs. It can be anything from the Voter ID card to the Aadhar Card. These documents will make it clear to the authority that the person is actually related to the female child. No one, other than the legal guardian or the parents of the girl will be given the opportunity of opening the account. If the guardians do not have the Aadhar or the Voter Card, they can also present the PAN card or any other ID proof document that has been issued by the Government. The main aim of this is to make sure that the legal parents of guardians get the chance of registering under the program.
  3. Proof of Address documents of  Parent or Legal Guardian: Last but not the least; the person opting to open the account will also have to present the documents or papers, which will assist the authority in making sure that the address claims are real. The parent or guardian, opening the account will have to present their Voter ID, PAN or Aadhar Card that has the address mentioned on it. The water, electricity, landline telephone or property tax bills will also come in handy while supporting the address claim of the person opening the account.

If one has access to one or all these documents then they will be able to open an account under the SSY with ease. All these necessary documents must be attached to the account opening form so that the authority will be able to check and verify the claims made by the person opening the account.

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